'Pepa & Luisa', by Juanma Cifuentes, a 100% La Mancha theater production

'Pepa & Luisa', by Juanma Cifuentes, a 100% La Mancha theater production

At the end of March, the premiere of the new play written and directed by Juanma Cifuentes from Albacete, 'Pepa & Luisa', will take place. A production carried out by the Thales Theater company with which we have the pleasure of collaborating, bringing our sustainable denim to the stage.

'Pepa & Luisa' is the Spanish adaptation of Ridley Scott's film 'Thelma & Louise'. Starring Cata Cutanda, Rosa Cantero and Sato D铆az from Albacete, the play is an ode to human freedoms, a fierce criticism of machismo and a search for real and effective gender equality.

With Ridley Scott's feature film as a reference, in the wardrobe of 'Pepa & Luisa' denim takes on great prominence, perfect for setting -almost- any situation and -almost- any time.

Our commitment to the local covers, how could it be otherwise, the different sectors and areas of society, and in this case, we have made the leap to the stage!

According to Juanma Cifuentes himself, in 'Pepa & Luisa' 鈥渨e talk about freedom, we present the constant violation that our society unfortunately still faces, in the face of the supremacy of the subsisting anthropological tradition. We stand in solidarity with self-realization and gender transgression. In an attempt to normalize, what by nature corresponds to the human race. And we represent a hymn to freedom in the broadest sense of the word鈥 .

And he adds 鈥渨e find ourselves with a show halfway between the cinema and the theater, giving the spectator the opportunity to see inside the atmosphere of a shoot and at the same time enjoy a play鈥 .

Thus, on March 23, the company from Albacete Teatro Thales will premiere 'Pepa & Luisa' in the town of Tarazona de La Mancha, with local wine and cheese included for all attendees. We wait for you!

Pepa & Luisa, by Juanma Cifuentes.

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