It's always hard to talk about yourself. In our case, we like facts to speak more than words, and there are a few facts in the form of pants. We have been doing what we do best for other brands for almost half a century until we decided to start manufacturing for you.

We are a small big family with the illusion of thinking that not everything is lost and that things can still be done as they have always been done: slowly, from the local and betting on the development of what is nearby. It could be said that we are a family that was born among threads, buttons and sewing machines moved by a passion for the textile tradition.


Captain Denim is a pants brand with its own factory located in the heart of La Mancha. In the early 1970s, José María and Paz, the first generation, began making sweaters with a knitting machine. Their factory was at home and they did anything and everything, from jackets, to shirts, to the logistics of the orders they received. In the 80s, they went a step further and opened their small workshop with more people until they decided to specialize in the world of pants for other brands. If you don't know, the manufacture of a pair of jeans is divided into two phases: manufacturing and finishing (dyeing, wear,...). One of his dreams was to be able to have an integral production in the same location, from design to packaging. Thanks to their effort and perseverance, they fulfilled their objective and it is where we currently work.

2008 was a moment of reflection. The great economic crisis caused a sharp drop in orders for all the brands for which we manufactured and relocation, made us reach the point of considering lowering the blind and leaving everything. In the midst of this chaos, we stop to think. We had all the infrastructure and the process at home, we wanted to value our work and vindicate everything we had been doing.

For this reason, the second generation fulfilled another of the objectives of its roots, reinventing itself to continue. Looking back, you could say it was crazy, but investing in betting on yourself is one of the best decisions you can make. Thanks to hard work and ambition, in 2013 Captain Denim was born. A purely digital native brand that started with an online store, a small collection and just one order. For others, an order can be somewhat traumatic, but for us, it was the main driver to continue working on the brand.

The entire human group made up of more than 55 people make up the perfect team for Captain Denim.

Juan tells you the whole story here, press play: