Carbon Footprint Reduction

Climate change is the great environmental challenge of the 21st century. Facing it requires a conscious transformation of the energy models with which we work and the current production processes. In short, climate change requires a great global commitment.

Quantifying our carbon footprint is a mitigation measure for Greenhouse Gases (GHG). This data informs us about the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere as a consequence of the development of any activity. In addition, it also provides us with the critical points of the activity on which we must act and obtain emission reductions.

Since we started, we have always wanted to have as exhaustive control as possible of our environmental impacts. Together with Ideas Medioambientales, we have carried out the calculation of the carbon footprint and we have registered it in the MITECO. In this way, we can know in a real way how many are the GHG emissions that we emit in our activities.

Transparency, social responsibility and respect for the environment are our fundamental pillars. For this reason, below, we show you the results of the calculation of our carbon footprint, what our objectives are and how we are going to compensate it.

With all this data in hand, we invite you to continue discovering our way of working and how we have managed to achieve a carbon footprint where production processes have so little weight.

To offset our emissions we carry out the following actions:

_ We use Greensight technology in the manufacture of our garments.

_ We have participated in the plantation of Bosque Capit谩n to neutralize our emissions.

_ We use cardboard packaging , recyclable and reusable.

_ For the air conditioning facilities we use the residual vapors of our dryers.