Local production

Did you know that 90% of what we consume can travel around 50,000 kilometers to reach its destination with its corresponding CO2 emissions? This is an environmental disaster that the planet cannot bear.

For us sustainability is not a fashion, but a tradition. And producing locally as we have done for almost half a century is essential to maintaining the health of the planet. We are passionate about our work, but, above all, we are happy to say that we produce in Spain and on our land, in Madrigueras (Albacete).

They have been selecting the best fabrics for more than four decades , searching for the perfect pattern, making dreams, giving color to thousands of garments, embracing technology while continuing to shake hands with tradition and above all, spinning generations of families, friends and neighbors together. around this profession.

More than 50 people make up this great family and through which each and every one of the pants produced passes. At Madrigueras we do everything, from design, through cutting, tailoring, dyeing and finishing, to final ironing and labelling.

At Capit谩n Denim we are clear about one thing and that is that local production is synonymous with social, economic and environmental balance.