We accompany Zahara on her last tour

It will not sound strange to you if we talk about Zahara and her latest album, Puta, a title that perfectly reflects the personal, confessional and stark spirit of this work and that embarks us on an emotional journey where there is no longer room for metaphor.

Zahara has won great prizes, such as the Global Award for Aragonese Music 2021. For this tour she wanted to have Captain Denim and be the brand that dresses her dancers and musicians from the group . For us it was an honor to be able to collaborate with a band with such a good vibe.

To be able to dance without problems and enjoy the stage, Zahara, Sara and Yolanda (dance team) chose our Tulsa Old Red , high-waisted mom jeans.

In the case of Manuel and Mart铆, they opted for a Flamingo and we dyed them with the same tone and finish as the girls' pants. They are medium-waisted jeans with a semi-skinny cut, perfect to wear for hours and hours!

We leave you a couple of photos of their moments at their concert. brutal!

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