Sustainable jeans made from recycled fibers

Sustainable jeans made from recycled fibers

Did you know that currently 80% of the clothes we throw away end up in landfills? That means that we throw about 50 million tons of clothes in the trash every year. Aware of this, at Captain Denim we work with fabric suppliers that are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment, through research and support of new processes and techniques that minimize the impact on the planet. Thus, one of our main suppliers is Royo Fabrics , well known in the sustainable fashion sector at an international level.

For the manufacture of many of our pants we use recycled fabrics and fibers whose production processes consume less water and energy, less natural resources and generate less waste, so their environmental impact is less -you know, less is more!-.

Likewise, at Capit谩n Denim we work with the most cutting-edge and innovative recycled fibers and fabrics in terms of environmental sustainability: Tencel TM fibers, made from pulp that contains leftover cotton leftover from cutting and wood operations. The fibers are produced in the luocell production process. And it is that, as we know, reducing the need to extract additional raw materials from nature reduces the impact on natural resources.

In addition, this type of recycled fiber improves the resistance of the fabric, increases its breathability and represents an improvement for the environment while promoting the Circular Economy process -zero waste-.

But that's not all, we also work with the BCI initiative -Better Cotton Initiative-, which is committed to sustainable cotton production, in its three basic pillars: environment, social and economic. It is about offering this raw material at controlled prices, having direct contact with farmers avoiding intermediaries and betting on decent work in the producing countries.

In addition, as you know , our fabrics are within the scope: Global Recycled Standard 2017-025 -certification that guarantees the traceability of our products, to the extent that the content of recycled material in the composition of article findings is greater than 20% - and OEKO-TEX -all our fabrics comply with health, safety and environmental sustainability standards, in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 庐 Standard 100 certificate-.

We insist: sustainable denim is a reality!

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