Ray, the jeans inspired by the Genie

Ray, the jeans inspired by the Genie

As we have already told you on occasion, each of our jeans models is inspired by one of the greats of the music world, we have: the Joplin model 鈥 by Janis Joplin -, the Hardy 鈥 by Fran莽oise Hardy -, the Dutronc 鈥 by Jacques Dutronc -, the Ringo 鈥 by Ringo Starr -鈥 But, what about the Ray? Well, as many of you may have imagined, this Texan is indeed our humble tribute to the Genius , the incomparable Ray Charles.

To find the perfect pattern for our most classic jeans, we have been inspired by one of the pioneers of soul in the '50s, the legendary Ray Charles.

Born in Georgia -United States- in 1930, Charles became a star and was described as a 'Genius' by Frank Sinatra himself, who came to define Charles as "the only true Genius in show business" .

International award-winning Ray Charles combined soul, blues, jazz, gospel, rock, R&B, and country music to create world-renowned hits like 'I've Got a Woman', 'Unchain My Heart' or ' What What I Say'.

Inspired by the elegance of the North American artist, our Ray is a 5-pocket, medium-waist, straight-cut, comfortable and timeless jean made with OEKO-TEX庐 certified Made in Green fabric in our factory in Madrigueras -province of Albacete-. Being slightly elastic allows a great capacity for movement. For us to understand each other, an essential cowboy.

And you, did you know which artist we had inspired to name our Rays?

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