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What is Greensight technology?

¿Qué es la tecnología Greensight?

Sustainable fashion, ecological clothing, greenwashing… Many times we have so much information that we don't really know how to define what each thing is. For this reason, from Captain Denim we are going to explain to you how we make our jeans so that you understand what is behind the manufacturing processes. Thanks to our determination to want to reduce our impact on the environment, we have developed Greensight . What does this technology consist of? In summary, we will tell you that, thanks to it and among other things, we managed to save up to 90% of water in the production of just one pair of trousers. If you want to know how we do it, keep reading:

What is Greensight technology

We belong to a trade that we are passionate about, full of culture and vibrant tradition. But we are also aware that it is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. For this reason, after years of research and a lot of effort, we have managed to combine different techniques that allow us to be one of the most respectful brands with our environment. We have united this set of techniques under the same umbrella called Greensight.

Greensight is an ecological production process that consists of working with biomass , dyeing the jeans with fogging , washing them with ozone and finishing them with laser finish technology.


It all starts with power generation. We adapt to the land and the fruits it gives us, therefore, depending on the time of year or the season, we use different surplus fruits: olive pits, pistachio shells, almond shells or peach pits, among others. As we work in a rural environment where agriculture plays an important role, all our supply of organic waste is local, so we reduce emissions in its transport.

Biomass is one of the most sustainable and increasingly used energy sources . It is also a source of energy considered Carbon Neutral, since the CO2 that is released when burning organic remains are the same that the plant has absorbed during its life.

Approximately, to make a pair of jeans, we need the energy generated from 2kgs of almond shells .


Every time we talk about dyeing pants, many people think of rivers of dye with the current fashion color in Asian countries. Does the same thing happen to you?

At Capitan Denim we have always treated the management and purification of waste exhaustively. Debugging is fine, but if we manage to work without generating residue ( zero waste ) it is much better. So another of the sustainable alternatives within Greensight is the spray dyeing of jeans (also called Eco Finish). Usually, in a traditional process, 12 liters are needed to produce 1Kg of pants. Too much, right? That is why we have gone a step further with nebulization.

Thanks to it, we manage to spread the dye in a controlled and uniform manner without residual remains. We only give the garment the amount of dye it needs, everything is much more precise.

In addition, this technology not only makes the pants have a sufficient amount of dye, but also avoids using energy to heat the water. The traditional dyeing process needs to be done with hot water, however, with nebulization we can do it with cold water . In this way, we not only avoid wasting and producing waste, but also reduce CO2 emissions .

One of the clearest examples you can see is the Tulsa Old Red model.

To summarize it a bit, thanks to the nebulization process, we only use 1 liter for 1Kg of pants.


One of the most critical production processes in the textile sector is the washing process. Did you know that to make jeans in the traditional way, you need all the water that a person would drink in 7 years?

That is why we got down to work to avoid so much waste of water and after several studies and tests we managed to incorporate ozone washing . What does this process consist of?

Instead of using only water, we work with ozone, since it needs less than half the water, specifically it can work with 54% less water and achieve the same results as if it were done traditionally. But ozone not only has the advantage of saving water in the production process, but it does not need so much execution time. With ozone washing we manage to save 80% of time and that translates into a reduction in energy.

Lastly, ozone is a natural oxidant, so our jeans are washed using clean production processes, reducing the use of chemicals.

laser finish

One of the final processes in the elaboration of pants are the finishes . For example, the mustaches or the abrasions of the thighs are traditionally done with sandpaper, but as you know that we are very sustainable, this step also had to be done in an environmentally friendly way.

Laser finish technology, as its name indicates, is capable of making wear and natural laser finishes very quickly and without using chemicals . In addition, in its use, it does not endanger the health of the worker who is carrying out this process.

Have you seen the Denver Premium Blue Blast ? They have been finished with this technology.

We hope that with this post you have been able to learn a little more about our production process. What do you think of our sustainable movement ?