The students of the Master's Degree in Design and Sustainable Fashion create a collection for Captain Denim

If there is something that we like in Captain Denim, it is being able to see sustainability as present and future. For this reason, we are committed to intensive training in sustainable fashion in universities, schools and educational centers. In 2021, the students of the Master in CO Design and Sustainable Fashion chose Captain Denim as a benchmark brand in sustainable fashion and decided to create a collection for us.

For our part, we offered them the materials where our brand appeared, such as labels. They were able to see first-hand our factory and the production processes with which we work. They also saw how we replaced traditional processes with more sustainable processes, such as Greensight technology .

Brave Collection

The VALIENTE 22|23 collection was made by the group of students of the Master's Course 20|21. The collection was made in the subject "Fashion as a Sign of Identity" coordinated by the teacher Amparo Pardo Cuenca.

VALIENTE has been conceived within the framework of the creative identity of Captain Denim through a co-creative process in which a Co-design methodology was applied in which Juan Gonz谩lez, one of our partners, actively took part. This collection represents another step in the company's desire for growth and in its future collaborations with academia. Based on this Valiente approach, it is the first pilot collection conceived in close collaboration between EASD and Capitan Denim.

It is a timeless, ageless and sustainable collection where the main concept revolves around hybridization, craftsmanship and technology. Its main values 鈥嬧媋re the mixture of concern for the environment, rebelliousness, authenticity, bucolic and technology, values 鈥嬧媡hat resonate through Generation Z.

In the creative technical development, different Eco Design strategies were applied. Fabric remnants that we provided were used and worked using the zero waste pattern technique with upcycling hybridization. Plus, we make it easy for you to tint, smooth and finish with our Eco Finish technology. Finally, after its preparation, details were made with laser finishing, 3D printing and engraving of details made in the FABLab of the EASD.



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