COP25: sustainable fashion show as part of the Be The Change Tour

COP25: sustainable fashion show as part of the Be The Change Tour

Within the framework of the Climate Summit -COP25-, which is held in Madrid from December 2 to 13, a slow fashion parade has taken place in which different Spanish brands have participated with a clear objective: to make visible that there is an alternative ethical and sustainable approach to the large firms in the textile industry.

The parade took place on the 10th in the Agora of the Green Zone of the COP25, a space for meeting and environmental awareness focused on facilitating citizen participation and whose theme revolves around the just transition, health, gender, sustainable finance, innovation, forests, science and climate change or nature-based solutions.

Among the slow brands that have participated in the parade are the collective Be The Change Tour, Ecodicta , Canussa , Hupit, Roca Mood, Flip&Flip, The Nordic Leaves, Miu Sutin , Esgoa, Capit谩n Denim, Noisno, 9 the Brand, Amarenak , Ropa Chica, Romario Moreno, Upcyclick, Lifegist, Rebervere, Naturalista and Duuo.

As the organizers of the slow fashion event explain, " with this parade we want to make visible that there is a sustainable alternative to the big brands, that respecting the environment, Spanish start-ups create unique and high-quality garments" highlighting that these brands are based on 鈥 circular criteria, new consumption habits, manufacturing withsustainable and recycled materials, striving to minimize its carbon footprint, and respecting ethical criteria throughout its production chain; without abusing workers with unworthy wages or subhuman conditions " .

If you haven't yet wondered how much the clothes you wear pollute, who makes them, where they are produced or what materials are used, it's about time. These are difficult times for the environment but together we can give back to the planet that life that one day we took away from it. You dare?

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