How to get a sustainable wardrobe

How to get a sustainable wardrobe

According to the latest reports, 20% of the clothes in our closet have been used and half have not been used for a year. Instead of getting swept up in fast-fashion and throwaway clothes, why not opt 鈥嬧媐or a sustainable wardrobe? Our wardrobe and our pocket will appreciate it. Here are some tips:

First of all, to get a sustainable wardrobe you must bet on local businesses. Take a walk through the small shops in your neighborhood, you can find sustainable garments and charming handmade products that you did not know about. In addition, buying in these establishments helps to promote the circular economy and the revitalization of small businesses.

When buying clothes, you should opt for timeless and versatile garments. For example: some blue jeans of a lifetime or skinny pants that combine with everything, even some chinos that are worth both to work and to go to a party. You can combine this with a basic polo shirt or a 'warm' two-tone sweatshirt -one of those that you don't take off until May 40...-.

If you want to achieve a sustainable wardrobe, do not buy impulsively, determine what you need, look, compare prices and weigh what is behind each garment. Observe the transparency of the brands and the production process of the clothes, and then decide what to buy.

On the other hand, surely you have several clothes in your closet that you haven't worn for years. It's time to pick up the scissors and thread and give a second life to that denim jacket that always wanted to be a vest, or to those jeans that should be shorts/bermudas. Recycle your own clothes, you can renew your wardrobe without buying anything new!

And you, do you dare to get a sustainable wardrobe?

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