Learn to dismantle the myths of denim

Learn to dismantle the myths of denim

Denim is a fabric that, like others, needs some basic care for its optimal conservation. Behind this fabric there are several myths about how to extend the life of our jeans that, sometimes, achieve quite the opposite. For this reason, as lovers of denim fabric, we have decided to dismantle the myths of denim, so that you do not get confused when it comes to taking care of your jeans .

  1. 聽聽聽 "Put your jeans in the freezer to get rid of bad odors . " Although it is true that it fights some bacteria, there are many others that survive and when the fabric returns to room temperature, the odors reappear. Don't waste time, forget about the freezer!
  2. 聽聽聽 "Never put your jeans in the dryer . " You should know that if your jeans have lost their shape, the dryer can help them get it back. Of course, activate a fast cycle and take them out when they are slightly damp.
  3. 聽聽聽 鈥淲ash them like any garment鈥 False! Denim wears out with washing, so try to wash your jeans as little as possible. And when you wash them, always do it inside out.
  4. 聽聽聽 "It's best to wash jeans in hot water to kill germs." Another myth. Denim is washed in cold water, as this helps prevent your jeans from shrinking and also helps maintain the finish of the fabric.
  5. 聽聽聽 鈥淚n the washing machine it separates the denim from the rest of the fabrics鈥 . Well, this is true, but we would add that you should also separate the different shades of denim so that the dark ones do not wash out the light ones. You know, avoid mixing colors!
  6. 聽聽聽 鈥淒enim is resistant and can withstand any wash cycle鈥 . Ok, denim is a strong and durable fabric but, without a doubt, we must take precautions if we do not want to lose that different finish that our jeans have. Any trick? Wash them inside out, zip up the zippers, and fasten the buttons to help prevent them from losing their shape.

When choosing your Captain Denim, you will find on the same product page some tips to take care of your jeans. See, for example, the detailed descriptions of the Hardy Super Blue Used -for girls- or the Dutronc Turbo Blue -for boys-, and remember: if you have any questions, contact us.

Aim these tips at fire, from now on you will be able to refute anyone on how to dismantle the myths of denim.

Long live denim!

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