6 resolutions for a sustainable new year

Sustainable New Year.

6 resolutions for a sustainable new year

The End of the Year is a good time to take stock of the past 12 months, look back and see if we have managed to meet the objectives set at the beginning of 2018. But it is also a suitable time to propose a series of purposes that help us improve both our daily life and that of those around us. Therefore, here we present our 6 resolutions for a sustainable and healthy new year:

  1. 聽聽聽 Consume a greater quantity of local and seasonal products : in order to reduce our carbon footprint. On the one hand, eating a healthy and balanced diet will help us feel better inside and out; and on the other hand, it will help to promote local commerce, boosting the economy of our city or neighbourhood, and in addition, we will protect the environment.
  1. 聽聽聽 Use the bike more : to move around the city. In this way we will reduce pollution, save fuel and improve our quality and lifestyle.
  1. 聽聽聽 Recycle : take advantage of the old items that we already have at home and repair them whenever possible. If, for example, we have a denim skirt that we no longer wear, we can give it a second life simply by making a couple of cuts in some strategic place or sewing on it some striking patch that we like, or we can directly take advantage of the denim of the skirt to create other items like a pencil case, a pillow鈥 There are thousands of great DIY ideas on Pinterest!
  1. 聽聽聽 Taking care of the planet also when we travel : minimizing the impact we have on the environment. How? We can opt for sustainable transport to reach our destination, respect the community that welcomes us, stay in ecofriendly accommodation... In short, join responsible tourism.
  1. 聽聽聽 Support sustainable fashion : in this way we will bet on ethical and responsible consumption that guarantees decent working conditions and respects the environment, minimizing the impact on our environment. It is important to read the labels and pay attention to the 'Made in鈥'.
  1. 聽聽聽 Opt for a life without plastic : for this, we will take our own bags when we go to the market, we will choose reusable water bottles and we will store food in glass containers, among other aspects. We must be aware of how harmful the indiscriminate use of plastic is for the planet and reduce it as much as possible.

What do you say, would you add any more resolutions for a sustainable new year?

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