About us

It's always hard to talk about yourself. In our case, we like facts to speak more than words, and there are a few facts in the form of pants. We have been doing for other brands what we do best for almost half a century. And now, we also do it for you.

Captain Denim is a pants brand with its own factory located in the heart of La Mancha. We are a small big family with the illusion of thinking that not everything is lost and that things can still be done as they have always been done: slowly, from the local and betting on the development of what is nearby. That yes, adapting to the new times with the instinct of improvement always sharp.

The idea is not to overwhelm you with battles, so we encourage you to take a look around the web and enjoy our 'freshly baked' pants, manufactured with great care and care.

oh! and anything you want to tell us, do not hesitate to do it here info@capitandenim.com

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